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    Find Differences HD - a free puzzle game.

    ‣ Beautiful HD levels.
    ‣ Possibility to enlarge the picture.
    ‣ Different number of differences on each level.
    ‣ Hints.
    ‣ Saving the progress of each level.
    ‣ Pleasant design and user-friendly interface.

    "Find Differences" is one of the favorite themes for both children and adults. It's a kind of "hidden object".
    Search for the differences between the pictures and have a rest from daily rootine. You don't need to hurry, it's time limitless.
    When you passed a level, you will get a hint. If you stuck at the level, use this hints. Some differences will be hard to find, and some would be easy. In the beginning, there will be 3 levels available. Pass the level to unlock another one.
    If you not enough see the detales of picture, you can zoom it with fingers.


    04-25-2017 05:19 PM
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