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    Bhop is an exploit of a very popular bug in games based on source engine. Bhop allows a player to exceed the game-defined speed limit. It has created entirely new methods of play and allows very exciting, fast-paced emergent gameplay. As a decidedly skill-based mechanic, competitive players love bhopping because it is so hard to master. This application gives such an opportunity although slightly simplified.

    [Free][Game][Android] Bhop Elite-zicqcgohy4w.jpg
    [Free][Game][Android] Bhop Elite-bkx7s6pangs.jpg
    [Free][Game][Android] Bhop Elite-s5jqq_0hise.jpg


    3 maps:
    -Level Beginer

    Case opening
    Gut case:
    Bayonet Case:
    -Bloody Web

    Rank system:
    -Bhoper I
    -Bhoper II
    -Bhoper III
    -Bhoper IV
    -Bhoper V
    -Bhoper Master
    -Bhoper Nova I
    -Bhoper Nova II
    -Bhoper Nova III
    -Bhoper Nova IV
    -Master Bhoper I
    -Master Bhoper II
    -Master Bhoper Elite
    -Bhoper Master Guardian
    -Legendary Bhoper
    -Legendary Bhoper Master
    -Supreme Bhoper First Class
    -Bhoper Elite

    Google Play - https://play.google.com/store/apps/d....kes.bhopelite
    04-30-2017 12:57 PM

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