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    [GAME][KIDS][LOGIC] Knowledge tests for childs 3+-banner_new_en.jpg

    The application contains tests for children of 3-4 years old. With this kid's game you will be able to teach your children at home, in the car, on the train or in another place convenient for you. The app contains tasks which improve children speech, attention, thinking; help with math, teach about the surrounding world and many other things. Teaching children through games brings not only benefits but also pleasure. Adults should help to study with the application by reading the task and setting time to solve it. Some of the tests are no interactive, they need an oral answer to a question, which improves children speech. Most of the questions are interactive with choosing right options. Some tasks in the game involve selecting pairs of correct answers. These tasks improve children's logic. Also, there are questions in which the child should "draw" a correct answer, for example, find a way out of the maze. At first you should click on the "edit" button and then in the window appeared draw an answer with your finger or a stylus pen.
    Current version:
    You can download the application from Google Play Store https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...nix.childtests
    Some screenshots:
    • [GAME][KIDS][LOGIC] Knowledge tests for childs 3+-screen1.jpg
    • [GAME][KIDS][LOGIC] Knowledge tests for childs 3+-screen2.jpg
    • [GAME][KIDS][LOGIC] Knowledge tests for childs 3+-screen3.jpg
    • [GAME][KIDS][LOGIC] Knowledge tests for childs 3+-screen4.jpg
    • [GAME][KIDS][LOGIC] Knowledge tests for childs 3+-screen5.jpg
    • [GAME][KIDS][LOGIC] Knowledge tests for childs 3+-screen6.jpg
    Attached Thumbnails [GAME][KIDS][LOGIC] Knowledge tests for childs 3+-screen7.jpg  
    05-02-2017 07:15 AM
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    Knowledge game for kids 3+
    Updated on
    05 may 2017
    What's new
    Two animations were updated
    05-06-2017 11:28 AM
  3. wanderer1479's Avatar
    My nephew will like it for sure.
    Maria Shpatserman likes this.
    05-09-2017 04:26 AM
  4. Maria Shpatserman's Avatar
    Thank you very much!
    Now you can download new 1.0.11 version - Added left navigation menu with question categories.
    Knowledge game for kids 3+
    Updated on
    15 may 2017
    What's new
    Added left navigation menu.
    Added settings dialog.
    05-16-2017 06:11 AM
  5. Maria Shpatserman's Avatar
    Knowledge game for kids 3+
    Updated on
    19 may 2017
    What's new
    Two question bug fixed
    Added new type of questions - listen of the birds voices
    05-21-2017 02:42 PM
  6. Maria Shpatserman's Avatar
    Knowledge game for kids 3+
    Updated on

    29 may 2017
    What's new
    Added default animation.
    Added star image before correctly answered question.
    05-30-2017 06:21 AM
  7. Maria Shpatserman's Avatar
    Knowledge game for kids 3+
    Updated on

    01 june 2017
    What's new
    Fixed bug with background music on Settings dialog.
    06-02-2017 07:19 AM
  8. Maria Shpatserman's Avatar
    Knowledge game for kids 3+
    Updated on

    25 july 2017
    What’s new
    Added localization with German language.
    [GAME][KIDS][LOGIC] Knowledge tests for childs 3+-screen1_de-1.jpg
    07-27-2017 03:10 PM
  9. Maria Shpatserman's Avatar
    Version 1.0.16 is now available
    08-04-2017 06:56 AM

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