1. ardoreal's Avatar
    I tried out ExZeus on my Droid, and then I tried it on a 3GS for comparison's sake...

    FINALLY, a dev that's leveraging the higher resolution of the Droid. It does have some slowdown in the intense firefights but the extra pixels make this game gorgeous.

    As long as there isn't more than 40 enemies it stays pretty fluid. More enjoyable than iPhone's version. They were also pretty clever to get around the limited storage space, this game uses up 57mb of your SD card by downloading the data when you run the app for the first time.

    Saw it on Engadget and tried it out.

    03-05-2010 08:02 PM
  2. Rusty Shackelford's Avatar
    Thanks for the review. I thought about it and wanted to wait until I heard good things.
    03-06-2010 12:07 AM