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    I create that thread to present you Mahjong Solitaire Ultimate, a free implementation of the classical Mahjong Solitaire game for Android. Mahjong Solitaire Ultimate is freely available on the Google Play Store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...hjongsolitaire

    You can discover Mahjong Solitaire Ultimate in action on YouTube :

    Mahjong Solitaire Ultimate is a solitaire matching game using set of mahjong tiles. Mahjong Solitaire Ultimate is the perfect casual game to have fun and relaxing puzzle challenges. Mahjong Solitaire Ultimate is a tile-based game that originated in China during the Qing dynasty. The game is also known as Shanghai Mahjong, Taipei Mahjong, Mah Jong, Top Mahjong and Mahjongg.

    The goal of the Mahjong Solitaire Ultimate game is to match open pairs of identical tiles and to remove them from the board. In the game, a tile is considered as open if it can be moved on the left or on the right without disturbing other tiles. The game is finished when all pairs of Mahjongg tiles have been removed from the board.

    Some screenshots :

    * Main screen

    * Pick your level

    * Game 1

    * Game 2

    * Game 3

    * Customize your user experience by choosing the color of the table

    Mahjong Solitaire Ultimate offers you the following features :
    - 4 levels of difficulty : Easy, Normal, Hard and Expert
    - More than 100 different boards to play and solve
    - Highlighting feature to highlight the free tiles
    - Hint to allow the game to give us the next pair of tiles to match
    - 4 different tables for the board
    - An unique designed set of beautiful Mahjongg tiles

    If you like the Mahjongg Solitaire games or if you want to discover this classical puzzle game from China, this game is made for you.

    A Pro version with No Ads is also available here : https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...gsolitaire.pro

    Don't hesitate to give me your feedback or ideas for new features.


    05-17-2017 04:25 AM
  2. anon(9602380)'s Avatar
    Thank you for sharing your app. Good luck with the new game.
    05-17-2017 04:58 AM
  3. sylsau's Avatar
    Thanks. Don't hesitate to leave me a review if you like the game
    05-17-2017 09:06 AM
  4. sylsau's Avatar

    Some feedback on Mahjong Solitaire Ultimate ?

    06-12-2017 03:27 AM

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