1. OWNED PUBLIC's Avatar
    We want you to dive in to ancient Egypt. Walk through many pyramids and tombs full of quests. Control your own mummy to reach the end of the temple. Move the boxes, dodge cannons and zombies, find hidden treasures, guarded by zombies. Already intrigued? Download and start solving those puzzles now!

    [FREE GAME} Tomb of King-banner.png
    06-05-2017 02:06 PM
  2. anon(9602380)'s Avatar
    Thank you for sharing your app.
    06-05-2017 06:36 PM
  3. Rami Ibrahim's Avatar
    very nice zombies game, specially that it is in 3D.
    good luck
    OWNED PUBLIC likes this.
    06-05-2017 09:55 PM
  4. OWNED PUBLIC's Avatar
    Thank you very much
    06-07-2017 03:46 PM
  5. OWNED PUBLIC's Avatar
    I hope you enjoy our game
    06-07-2017 04:17 PM

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