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    [FREE][GAME} Battle Skylands-ikona___a.png

    Battle Skylands is an amazing world hidden high in the clouds. It is full of scattered pieces of land, floating in the air thanks to an anti-gravity mineral. The archipelago of Skyles is densely settled by brave human tribes, fighting against a wild race of non-humans, and each other, for every piece of territory.

    • Unique combination of fantasy, ancient, steam-punk & retro-futuristic themes
    • Raise breathtaking village in mysterious realm of floating islands
    • Unique citizen managing system letting players attach a villager to do a particular activity
    • Steal support and expansion islands from enemy cities
    • Let settlers pray for miracles and call for them at battlefield
    • Use secret knowledge to fight against players worldwide
    • Train charming Amazon, tough Cholita, crazy Bomber, just Fighter and other kinds of troops
    • Join alliance to participate in development of mutual alliance village & share support together
    • Give unlimited number of orders with your finger
    • Group army into divisions to beat the strongest defenses
    • FREE TO PLAY – MMO action RTS game for mobile platforms

    [FREE][GAME} Battle Skylands-screen-city-3.jpg
    [FREE][GAME} Battle Skylands-_splash_new.jpg
    [FREE][GAME} Battle Skylands-wyspa_n.jpg
    [FREE][GAME} Battle Skylands-zrzut-ekranu-2017-01-30-11.10.49.jpg

    Download link:
    06-07-2017 03:51 PM
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    Thanks for sharing.
    06-07-2017 03:53 PM

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