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    [FREE] SumiKen : Ink Blade Samurai - Beautiful Samurai Runner-sumiken_icon_samurai.png

    SumiKen is a beautiful samurai game where every frame is a sumi-e painting.

    Play Store:

    Release Info:
    -Endless fast paced samurai action game
    -Every frame is a beautiful sumi-e painting
    -7 playable characters to unlock
    -150 challenging missions
    -Upgrade abilities in dojo to become stronger
    -Land perfect strikes with precise timing and slash direction

    Awards & Recognition:
    -"Indie Prize 2017 Finalist" Casual Connect Asia 2017
    -Featured in 13 Countries on App Store's New App We Love category
    -Reached rank #1 in the arcade game category on App Store

    News Articles:
    "SumiKen is an endless samurai slasher with a lovely art style"
    - Tasos Lazarides, TouchArcade
    - 4399未荻, 4399.cn

    [FREE] SumiKen : Ink Blade Samurai - Beautiful Samurai Runner-screenshot3.jpg
    06-10-2017 09:04 PM
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    Thanks for sharing
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    06-10-2017 10:10 PM
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    How to play SumiKen : Ink Blade Samurai
    Tap Right to do horizontal slash
    Tap Left to do up slash
    Tap Left while on air to do down slash
    Tap anywhere on screen to activate Ink Mode (Invulnerable)

    How to critical / perfect slash
    Swordman - Do a horizontal slash
    Ninja - Do a up slash
    Pikeman - Do a down slash
    06-15-2017 12:33 PM

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