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    Mini Pocket Racer
    Just Hit over a Thousand downloads come check out new fun racing arcade game

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    New Game Arcade Car Racing Free Android Retro Racing-car-screenshot.jpg

    Pocket Racer is the #1 best retro mini traffic racer arcade race car game choose your car and run thru the fastest Traffic and obstacles to gain access to exotic cars. Everything you need in one game with so many mini arcade games in one. Try to be one of the best drivers on the worldwide leaderboards each game mode have its own fair chance to get you on the leaderboard so choose what you prefer each Mode feature is below:

    ****Traffic Racer Mode****
    Select Between 5 different maps and over 30 different unique cars and see if you have what it takes to make it thru the longest distance of traffic. Collect cash during your journey to purchase Exotic cars such as Bugatti, Camaro, Benz, Bmw, Lexus, Lotus, Lamborghini, Fords, Chevy, Dodge and many more each car has different speeds to increase you chances to top the leaderboards.

    How to play:
    -Choose the car of choice
    -Select between 3 different driving style which includes tilt control, joystick style control and the recommend choice for full manual control
    control of speed the Controller Gameplay.
    -Select Traffic of choice choose between one way - two way traffic etc
    -Now take control see if you can get the longest distance and top the leaderboard while collect cash with boost ability power up such nitros and magnets so you can purchase new and improved cars.

    ****Drag Racing Mode****
    Race 1vs1 against some of the fastest drivers in this retro arcade style drag racer. Upgrade to betters cars if you have difficult beating certain racers to advance to the next race while collecting cash to buy new cars that you can you in any mode.

    How to play
    -Choose the car of choice
    -Select Racer you want to challenge each racer has unique speeds so choose the best opponent for your car of choice total of 20 races so upgrade your cars to compete.
    -Start the Race hold the Gas peddle while tapping the shifter at each checkpoint

    ****Mini Game Modes****
    Color Switcher
    -Color Switcher is a new unique mini game where you control you car and through many colorful obstacle you must pay attention to your car color and your obstacle color you must match them both to make it cross. See if you have what it takes to make it through this brain-addictive course.

    Exotic Twins
    -Exotic Twins is a unique mini mode where you have to control two cars at the same time while avoiding obstacles in your way. The longer you go the more cash you collect and the higher on the leaderboard you will get. Try it now and see if you have the focus to multi task 2 cars around.

    Color Lanes
    -Color Lanes is a unique mini mode where your car must match the ground as you speed from lane to lane. So try you best to stay focus on you car and the lanes as your car gets faster and faster. Try to go the longest distance and collect cash to upgrade to better cars for other modes.

    All this and more packed in one game how can you not have fun so download now and enjoy. There will be more mini games added in future updates

    -7 Types of Racing Modes in one Game
    -Over 30 Different Cars to Unlock with different colors
    -Choose between 3 different type of Retro driving styles
    -Unlock Different Exotic Cars
    -Kid Modes and Normal Challenge Modes for all ages
    -Jet Fighters Police Chases and More
    -Multiple Roads to Drive thru
    -Complete Airtime with mini Air Jet mode mini game
    -The faster you drive the more Distance score you get
    -Leaderboards and Achievements
    -Drag Racing Mode
    -Tons of Mini Games
    -Free and In app purchases
    -Real Life Traffic
    -Arcade Modes
    -Fast Car Racing Drifting
    -Endless Arcade Trail Runs
    -Free Car Unlocks
    -In-app purchase to unlock cars
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    Attached Thumbnails New Game Arcade Car Racing Free Android Retro Racing-simulator-screen-shot-jun-7-2017-4.20.06-pm.jpg   New Game Arcade Car Racing Free Android Retro Racing-simulator-screen-shot-jun-7-2017-4.13.33-pm.jpg   New Game Arcade Car Racing Free Android Retro Racing-simulator-screen-shot-jun-7-2017-9.56.39-am.jpg   New Game Arcade Car Racing Free Android Retro Racing-simulator-screen-shot-jun-8-2017-3.59.46-pm.jpg  
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    Mini Pocket Racer Updated New and improved everything just hit over thousand downloads come join the fun and download now for free

    Google Play -

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