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    Willie Adventure World

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    Hi! My name is Willy, I'm a treasure hunter! I'm looking for new planets and exploring them, this time I flew very far from my house and found a new unknown planet. I hope I find a lot of treasure on it! I do not know what awaits me on this planet, but I'm sure there will be very dangerous, but together we will cope with any difficulties. Are you ready for adventure with me? Then let's go!

    In the game Willie adventure world you will find:

    * Magnificent levels
    * Excellent graphics
    * Dangerous and cunning enemies
    * Pleasant music
    * A lot of unforgettable fun

    Willie needs your help! Help him collect all the treasure and not give him offense. Beware of all the inhabitants of this planet, because even the most innocuous, at first glance, cute little snail can do harm, and the bite of a small bee can be fatal. Show all your agility and reaction to avoid this. Watch your level of health and think about steps to get to the gold coins, sometimes it's a safe option to wait for the enemy to fly off. Do not despair at once, on this planet there is also a healthy food for Willie, which replenishes his health reserve. Kill the inhabitants, so that coins and health fall for Willie.

    I wish you a pleasant game!

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