1. zappescu's Avatar
    Hi there,
    since I hardly worked for my first game I'd like to know if you like it!!

    It's a casual game in which a Volcano is explosing and people is running to be safe. The player should pick-up and drag the people on the boat in the harbour, ready to sail. More people saved, more points.

    Clearly, after some level, the people will run very fast and the challenge is to catch the minimal amount of people to pass the stage.
    Sometimes, a strange man will pass, wearing a black suit... are you sure you want to put on the boat with the others?

    Well, we enjoyed achieving our first game and we hope it would be funny for you too!

    This is the game QRCode:

    In the recent update, I added the "challenge" feature. At the start of the game you have 15 Aurei (the coins in the ancient romain empire) to spent in the game challenging anyone you want, friends or unknown. You can try it clicking on the "scores" menu button and following your instinct

    Enjoy it!!!

    05-04-2011 08:44 AM