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    Wisp is now available for free on Android Market!
    Full version is still available without ads.
    Swedroid.se (Swedish)
    Playandroid (+ video)
    Appolicious (+ video)

    Hello everyone!

    I'd like to make you all aware of a new game that me and my friends at Triolith Entertainment have released: Wisp!

    Wisp is an ambient nordic-inspired puzzle adventure which emphasizes exploration and navigation rather than intense action.

    Eira is lost and You have to help her find her way home. However, the journey wont be without danger. In the forest the ancient creature Ffnir lies bleeding; from its blood an evil being is created. Lost and surrounded by evil, Eira have to avoid being consumed while solving the mysteries ahead of her. Guide Eira through three worlds with ten levels each while collecting crystals, solving puzzles and avoiding dangers.

    The gameplay of Wisp consists of You guiding Eira home with intuitive controls native to the smartphone. Use the elements of frost, fire and earth to solve the puzzles and mysteries ahead and find her way home. Simply press the screen to make Eira float, and tilt your phone left or right to navigate around the levels.

    YouTube Trailer

    • 30 levels
      Can you collect all the crystals?
    • Achievements
      Open Feint integration allow you to share your achievements with your friends online!
    • Full original soundtrack
      Experience the tranquil music of Wisp in a unique and captivating soundscape.
    • Story art
      The journey of Eira portrayed in gorgeous hand drawn images.
    • Downloadable content
      Gain access to future downloadable level packs!
    Wisp has already been released on the Android Market and we are very happy to see all the positive comments and ratings!

    Do share any impressions and/or thoughts you have regarding the story, gameplay, graphics, what have you! There's always room for improvement!

    Like the music? The soundtrack can be listened in full here!
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    05-05-2011 08:04 AM
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    Wisp 1.2 is out!
    Added Safe Mode, for devices that experience crashes
    Improved GUI
    Redesigned some levels
    Enhanced level beautification
    Swedroid.se (Swedish)
    05-31-2011 03:41 AM
  3. SmurGoes's Avatar

    Wisp is now available for free on Android Market!
    Full version is still available without ads.

    06-22-2011 06:11 AM

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