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    [FREE][GAME] Fly Paul Fly Challenge-paulnobfg.png
    Fly Paul Fly
    Google Play Link
    How long can you fly ?!
    Can you help Paul The Penguin break the record for the longest flight time of a penguin?
    While dodging his enemies ( Missiles, Asteroids, and Flaming Chickens!).

    Imperfect But Addictive

    Origin Story:-
    Paul is a quiet but strange penguin who doesn't take no for an answer.
    After being told that penguins can't fly many times, he decides to prove everyone wrong.

    Paul built his jet-pack from a shipwrecked boat on an island with just a rock and a coconut.
    [FREE][GAME] Fly Paul Fly Challenge-screenshot_20170726-165441.jpg[FREE][GAME] Fly Paul Fly Challenge-screenshot_20170726-165444.jpg[FREE][GAME] Fly Paul Fly Challenge-screenshot_20170726-165455.jpg[FREE][GAME] Fly Paul Fly Challenge-chicken.png
    07-30-2017 04:22 PM
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    funny and light game
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    07-31-2017 02:29 PM

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