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    Langton's Ant is actually a two-dimensional cell automaton that evolves by following very simple rules.
    It was invented by scientist Christopher Langton in 1986 and helped to highlight an example of emergent behavior.

    The two basic rules are:
    If the ant is on a black square, it turns right, changes the color to white and moves forward
    If the ant is on a white square, it turns left, changes the color to black and moves forward

    These simple rules lead to a surprising behavior of the ant:
    The ant builds a road that repeat indefinitely

    Here are the main features of my implementation:

    Play/Pause/Clear buttons
    Changing the speed
    Changing the size of the world
    Changing the background color
    Changin the rules:
    - 35 predefined rules
    - create your own rules
    Creation of multiple states automatons
    Add as many ant as you want, simply by touching the screen!

    There are many extensions (several colors, states, etc.) but it's up to you to discover them.

    For any bug, suggestion or information contact me at:


    - Available in French and English
    - Compatible with all screens
    - Compatible with all android versions

    For more information, visit the official wiki:
    Langton's ant - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Or on this one, about Turmites (multiple states automaton) :
    Turmite - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



    From an Android Device

    From the web market

    05-07-2011 12:12 PM
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    New update is available with :
    v2.0 :
    - Fixed several minor issues
    - Added option "Number of steps forward"
    - Added 15 new rules
    - Added a section of fans rules
    - Ability to send your rules by mail
    06-18-2011 05:03 PM
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    - Added an image with the mail
    - Ability to rate and share rules
    - Bug fixes
    - Added new rules of Fans
    08-24-2011 04:43 PM
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    v 2.6 :
    * Minors improvements
    * Implementation of the Hooked SDK
    * Ability to rate for the best patterns
    * Fixed bugs due to the server.
    * Improved code

    And visit my website for more informations : www.simon-marquis.fr
    10-31-2011 05:49 AM