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    If you want something ridiculously challenging, you can give this a try.


    In general, REDiCulous generates some red spaceships into random location. After being a while, they will disappear in the precise locations and you just need to locate them back.

    You can locate them by tapping on the locations of their hiding. But you need to do it within 30 seconds and only 1 mistake is allowed the process.

    Don't forget that they keep coming more and more in sequences and hopefully your focus can keep you longer to beat this game.

    ***May the stars guide you path***

    P.s. This is my first time game development and it will be an honor to get any kind of feedback. So that I can create more decent ones later. Enjoy the game and apologies for my bad English.
    Attached Thumbnails REDiCulous-screenshot_20170814-011606.png   REDiCulous-screenshot_20170814-011617.png   REDiCulous-screenshot_20170814-011625.png   REDiCulous-screenshot_20170814-011654.png   REDiCulous-screenshot_20170814-011742.png  

    08-13-2017 03:12 PM
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    Thanks for sharing
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    08-13-2017 03:18 PM

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