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    Generations is a cellular automaton close to The Game of Life.
    It's sort of a virtual world where many cells are living.
    They reproduce and die under certain conditions.
    The difference with The Game Of Life is that cells can grow old.

    The three basic rules are :
    - 1 cell comes to life if it has 2 neighboring active cells
    - 1 active cell grow old and becomes inactive
    - 1 old cell dies

    This game does not need the player itself (kind of zero-player game), but we can make it more interactive by modifing the birth and survival rules and it's lifetime.

    The main features of my implementation are:

    Play / Pause / Reset / Random Buttons
    Changing the speed
    Changing the size of the world
    The world is shaped like a torus or a square
    Changing the color gradient:
    Changing the shape of cells
    Become master of the world by changing the rules:
    - 44 predefined rules
    - Create your own rules
    Create life or destroy it, simply by touching the screen!

    For any bug, suggestion or information contact me at:


    - Available in French and English
    - Compatible with all screens
    - Compatible with all android versions

    For more information, visit the official wiki:
    Brian's Brain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Or this web site:
    Cellular Automata rules lexicon - Generations



    From an Android device

    From the Web Market

    05-08-2011 09:40 AM
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    A new update, with a lot of improvements
    v2.0 :
    - Ability to rate for the best rules
    - Performance improvements
    - Preferences are now saved
    08-21-2011 09:58 AM
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    New update:
    - Some optimizations
    - Added a color to create better gradients
    09-20-2011 07:19 AM
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    v 2.2 :
    * Minors improvements
    * Implementation of the Hooked SDK
    * Ability to rate for the best rules
    * Create 3 colors gradients
    * Fixed bugs due to the server.
    * Improved code

    And visit my website for more informations : www.simon-marquis.fr
    10-31-2011 07:15 AM