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    GooglePlay link http://play.google.com/store/apps/de...ok.tanksmaster

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    Epic, Challenging & Arcade Rhythm Game. Be a tycoon in destruction! Fast clicker rhythm game.

    This game packs ideas from clicker, arcade and rhythm game. Addicting without story but with fun, gameplay, great soundtrack and good pixel art graphics. You can change highscore list and maybe will be a Tycoon in Tanks Master game.

    Why should you try?
    You like challenges and dynamic play
    Many different mechanics hinder the gameplay
    You like clickers but want a normal game
    Easy level of difficulty is not what you like
    Want to show a power and want to be a tycoon in destroy

    Grow reflex, orientation in action, feel the rhythm, destroy tanks, unleash your energy , show power and be a Master!

    Power shoot to bad tanks, help good tanks, watch out for everything and destroy. You have a power and a feel your good energy so try to beat this game!

    Tanks Master features:
    - Easy mode is not available
    - Two game types (Level mode and Endless)
    - Very elaborate soundtrack
    - Interesting gameplay mechanics
    - Innovative idea based on clicker and classic video arcade games
    - Best game for your devices
    - Power Achievements
    - Global HighScore list
    - Only hard difficulty level
    - Random generate enemies and friends (like roguelike )
    - Great Pixel Art graphics

    After playing you can feel as tycoon but it will cost you a lot of energy
    08-15-2017 09:56 AM

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