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    We are a small indie game development team that have just released our new android game Huey revisited.
    The game is a remake of our first game Huey. We have added a bunch of improvements to the new game using the input and feedback we got from players of the original game. And now we are releasing the first world of the game and the 4 remaining worlds will be released throughout 2017.

    To sum up Huey is a 2d retro platformer combined with puzzle elements. Guide Huey through various levels, gather various pickups and avoid dangerous enemies as you try to reach the level exit. Run, roll, ride, swim and climb your way through exotic worlds, explore hidden areas and fight level bosses.

    Colorful retro pixel graphics
    Original soundtrack
    5 worlds with more than 50 levels
    Filled with secrets and hidden areas
    Challenging boss fights

    Google Play:

    Video Trailer:
    08-29-2017 10:44 AM

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