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    There’s no mistaking that mobile gaming is one of the most lucrative, and most crowded, app markets for smartphones. With everything from the casual play-as-you-go games to the intense almost console style shooters, there is quite literally something for everyone on the app stores, both for Google and Apple.

    Part of the reason that games are so successful is their price point. For just a few dollars, you can have hours of enjoyment and entertainment. One drawback of that is that once you’ve finished that game, or when a new one comes out, you’ve got you spend some more money. Alternatively, you can download the app for free and spend a bunch of money on purchases within the app as you play (some games are both pay to download and include in-app purchases). Either way, the barrier of entry is low, but all that money does add up after a while.

    If you’re a mobile gamer, the hobby can get expensive pretty quickly. Luckily, there’s a much easier, and cheaper, way to feed the habit. Meet GameStash.

    Community Review Team: GameStash-screenshot_20170829-155022.jpg

    GameStash is a subscription service that gives you access to over a wide variety of games to download and play for free on your Android phone. All you need to do is create an account and download the app. The app itself is not on the Google Play Store, for obvious reasons, so just like the Amazon App Store, you’ll need enable the setting to download files from Unknown Sources on your phone. Once installed, simply sign in and you’re good to go.

    The app itself is pretty straight forward. You are greeted with the Home tab that curates some of the more popular games and categories on the front page.

    Community Review Team: GameStash-screenshot_20170829-143928.jpg

    On either side of the Home tab, you have Categories and Toplists with offers some additional categorization (editor’s choice, most downloaded, etc.)

    Community Review Team: GameStash-screenshot_20170829-143434.jpg
    Community Review Team: GameStash-screenshot_20170829-143439.jpg

    I was really happy to see that there is an Offline Gaming toplist because many times I want to game when I don’t have LTE or Wifi and having games filtered into a category that lets me keep gaming even without data is a LIFE CHANGER. GameStash has a pretty decent list of categories so you’re sure to find a game to your liking.

    Once you select the game you want, you are greeted with an install page similar to what you see in the Google Play store where you simply install the game and away you go!

    Community Review Team: GameStash-screenshot_20170829-143536.jpg

    For $4.99 a month during their trial period, you get access to over 300 games for free and they also claim that in-app purchases are included as well. I did not test every single game on the service during my time, so I wasn’t able to accurately test that claim but it seemed to work mostly as advertised.

    Community Review Team: GameStash-screenshot_20170829-143550.jpg
    Community Review Team: GameStash-screenshot_20170829-143601.jpg

    I was initially a little disappointed with the game selection. It’s limited and most of them are a bit older, but their are still in their beta launch so once I remembered that, I realized that it’s kind of impressive just how many, and how popular of games they were able to partner with. They will also update their selection over time so it’s only going to get better. I will, however, be interested to see how quickly they add new releases to their service as most of the games they have now have already been out for a while.

    For $5 a month during their beta launch (that jumps to $6.99 afterwards), this is a pretty easy recommendation for mobile gamers. If you spend more than $5 a month buying or playing games on your phone, then you need to give GameStash a good look. You won’t be disappointed.
    08-29-2017 04:00 PM
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    @jcstek Thanks for the review. I hear you on the games side, We have added a few since then, some older and some newer. We've recently concluded deals with some bigger publishers which sadly I can't name yet so that will bring some more good quality games.

    We also removed some very old ones and some edutainment pieces since these weren't getting much play time.

    We're launching soon so expect regular updates from us on whats new every month.


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    10-16-2017 11:22 AM

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