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    Welcome to the gates of hell! If haunted places are your favorite places, you will enjoy playing our brand new “find objects game” Hidden Objects Gates of Inferno.

    Hidden Objects Gates of Inferno – Underworld-1504775109-icon512.png

    If you like playing “free hidden object games” and if mystery games are your hidden addiction, come into the world of Inferno and find hidden objects in beautiful pictures. Escape the everyday routine and step into the hidden objects world filled with mystery, fantasy, and enchanted beings. You'll come across a scary mansion, haunted houses, and ghost towns. Improve concentration and memory with only a few moves of your fingers on your phone screen.

    Hidden Objects Gates of Inferno – Underworld-1504775119-en-scr-1.jpg

    2000+ objects!
    Incredible graphics!
    Catchy melodies!
    Hints –when you need help!
    Zoom feature - for mobile phones only!
    Free of charge!
    100 % anti-boredom

    Hidden Objects Gates of Inferno – Underworld-1504775119-en-scr-2.jpg

    Midva Games team has created the best hidden object mystery game only for you!

    Hidden Objects Gates of Inferno – Underworld-1504775119-en-scr-4.jpg

    Enjoy playing the best “find it” game. Download Hidden Objects Gates of Inferno – Android App on Google Play and play the best puzzle games free of charge!
    09-07-2017 05:26 AM
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    Thanks for sharing
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    09-07-2017 05:44 AM

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