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    New Escape Games 182 - NSR Games - Adventures Prison Escape 2 is another point and click escape game developed by NSRgames.New Escape Games 182 is one of the most playable game in NSR adventure escape games category, you need to unlock the door by finding the Key inside the room with clues and solving puzzles. Your ultimate goal is to escape from the Prison Escape.Have a Fun!

    New Escape Games 182-512x512.png


    New Escape Games 182-new-escape-games-182a.png
    09-26-2017 05:13 AM
  2. jasonandrews25788's Avatar
    great visuals.
    09-29-2017 10:40 AM
  3. MMM Lekker Games's Avatar
    I agree to the former post, espacially great usw of Colors.
    10-01-2017 10:33 AM

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