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    Hi all,

    Please eat with me, ahihi.


    [GAME] - Eat Ice-creams with me.-01.jpg
    [GAME] - Eat Ice-creams with me.-02.jpg
    [GAME] - Eat Ice-creams with me.-03.jpg
    [GAME] - Eat Ice-creams with me.-04.jpg
    [GAME] - Eat Ice-creams with me.-05.jpg


    You use your mouth to eat ice cream through the front facing camera. The task of you are to move your mouths to the right place of the ice cream to eat them.

    This game use the real-time mobile visual feature identification-camera vision technology to detect your mouth in real-time, then match your mouth with ice-cream on screen.

    Note: This game needs access to the camera for face and mouth detection.

    Thanks all,
    10-05-2017 06:47 AM

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