1. att_guy's Avatar
    I was able to download it but not install on my phone earlier. Then I saw a comment saying that it automatically goes to your sd card, but i didnt have an external sd card on my phone at the time so i refunded before time was up. After i finally found my sd card, it says its not compatible with my phone so now im out of luck. Theres my rant...
    anybody have any luck with a galxy s phone, specifically a captivate?

    Anyone else gonna try out this game? included a link to the market for those interested

    05-13-2011 08:25 PM
  2. bjordan's Avatar
    Sorry to hear it's not working. I bought this game yesterday and LOVE it. Easily worth $3 IMO. I like the simple cartoon style and the controls are simple but work extremely well.

    Here's a trailer for anyone interested:

    I have an Evo running CM7 and this game runs great on it.
    05-17-2011 09:40 AM