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    Hi Guys!

    We at Lazy Rhino Studios are a small team of indie developers. Lazy Rhino Studios was founded while the team were in production of their upcoming release Monsters of Mayhem. We are proud to announce that our game has recently hit the Google Play store and is in Open Beta.

    Download for FREE on the Google Play store!

    Check out our trailer

    Get ready to battle your friends for conquest and glory across the lands of the Celestial Isles. Send your enemies to the grave, claim the territories for your faction all to prove that no-one can stand in the way of your forces. Command an array of stylised monsters and vanquish the lands, to see that smirk wiped off of your opponent's face as you claim victory for your own. Are you brave enough for the mayhem?

    Use strategy to best your opponents by using combinations of tiles and effects to reign havoc upon your friends. Twist the game in your favour, with an endless amount of possibilities.

    Any feedback is welcomed. Please let us know what you think of our game ‚Äč

    Please like or follow us on Facebook and Twitter
    For more information visit: monstersofmayhem.net/
    10-24-2017 04:39 AM
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    Thank you for sharing your app!
    All app threads must have screenshots and a working link to the Google Play Store. In order to post any links and/or images, each member must have a minimum of ten meaningful posts in the non-developer areas of the forums. Examples of meaningful posts are helping users answer questions about their devices and/or software or sharing your experiences with your devices, etc. The intent here is to have new members spend some time with the community and to become a regular, productive member of the community prior to sharing their own work. Self promotion and/or advertising are prohibited - but contributing members who wish to share a project they worked on can do so, within the developer rules. Thanks.
    10-24-2017 04:47 AM

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