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  1. KrychaPawel's Avatar
    Lucky Number: Get Your Number is an excellent proposition for both reflex exercise and rivalry with others. In this game, it is not only the eyesight but also the luck to keep your rank. When you are bored at work or school while waiting for a break or end, this game will help you to make time. Try to earn points by clicking on the button at the right time. The more points you can earn the higher your ranking will be! There is one condition. With every attempt to draw a number, you lose 2 tokens. The game starts in the following table.

    At the beginning, everyone gets 50 chips to use in the game. It depends on how many points and chips you can collect. Here is a list of the beneficiaries:

    - Hit two numbers from the three available! - 10 points and 2 tokens to use
    - Hit all numbers - 50 points and 20 tokens to use

    Sounds great? Is it possible to give your chances and skill in the game? Perhaps you are the leader of the ranking!

    10-26-2017 05:45 AM
  2. anon(9602380)'s Avatar
    Thank you for sharing your app!
    All app threads must have screenshots and a working link to the Google Play Store. In order to post any links and/or images, each member must have a minimum of ten meaningful posts in the non-developer areas of the forums. Examples of meaningful posts are helping users answer questions about their devices and/or software or sharing your experiences with your devices, etc. The intent here is to have new members spend some time with the community and to become a regular, productive member of the community prior to sharing their own work. Self promotion and/or advertising are prohibited - but contributing members who wish to share a project they worked on can do so, within the developer rules. Thanks.
    KrychaPawel likes this.
    10-26-2017 05:50 AM
  3. KrychaPawel's Avatar
    @firedept10 Thanks you for info. I'll keep it in mind!
    anon(9602380) likes this.
    10-26-2017 05:53 AM

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