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    [free] [arcade,casual,puzzle] Bubble Shooter Christmas Balls-1280.png
    Now with amazing Christmas design!
    Get in the holiday mood, bubbles and try to clear the playing field.
    This extremely interesting game, probably the most played of the bubble shooting games.

    The game "Christmas balls" will give You the most powerful, festive and fun New Year You have ever experienced.

    Embark on a Christmas journey, where You will find many exciting levels and two game modes.


    [free] [arcade,casual,puzzle] Bubble Shooter Christmas Balls-sc1.png
    [free] [arcade,casual,puzzle] Bubble Shooter Christmas Balls-sc2.png
    [free] [arcade,casual,puzzle] Bubble Shooter Christmas Balls-sc3.png
    [free] [arcade,casual,puzzle] Bubble Shooter Christmas Balls-sc4.png
    11-30-2017 01:59 AM

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