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    Shikaku Heat:Classic

    Shikaku is played on a rectangular grid. Some cells of the grid is marked with numbers. Each number on the grid is a clue.

    •Divide puzzle board into rectangles.
    •Each rectangle must contain only one number and its area must be equel that number.
    •To draw rectangle simply drag your finger across gameboard.
    •To delete rectangle just tap on it.
    •Don't worry, No time limits!

    •Easy and intuitive gameplay
    •3 different gameboard sizes
    •140 levels and even more coming with updates.
    •Support all devices: tablets and phones
    •No wifi? No problem! You can play offline
    •Family game: Enjoy the game with your kids.

    Shikaku Heat: Classic-6vdyqvz.pngShikaku Heat: Classic-kbm7nir.png
    Shikaku Heat: Classic-m2t7ine.pngShikaku Heat: Classic-ph6ii1r.png

    Google Play:
    11-30-2017 05:01 PM

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