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    Some words about developing it

    After a long of coding at my university courses, one eye at teacher, other at Unity, one hand on mouse, the other on Alt+Tab I finally managed to release Icy Penguin! Have a look and get non-stop action!

    Play store link


    Game description

    Wondering how a penguin is having fun? The answer is simple - by sliding on ice! Download the game and enjoy non-stop action! Control your tiny penguin in this infinite run game. Avoid obstacles, collect powerups and unlock new stunts!

    By the way, who said penguins can't fly? Jump on ramps, and get the freedom of a bird. Tap to perform a stunt, and earn coins for this. However pay attention because a non-finished stunt might hurt your landing, and spin your penguin!

    After finishing your run, try your luck in the lottery and win new items for your penguin. Sheriff outfit, Santa suit, or maybe a simple joben with some thug life glasses? The choice is yours! Moreover you can visit the stunt shop and unlock new stunts in order to earn more coins!

    If you are feeling like all the obstacles are against you, look for sledges! They can give you a second life if you fail a stunt, or hit an obstacle. Another good powerup is the magnet, who will attract coins so you don't have to chase them.


    ★ FIVE penguin skins
    ★ EIGHT different stunts
    ★ TENS of items for your penguin
    ★ Powerups and coins
    ★ GIFTS
    ★ Free start powerups

    [ADDICTIVE][NEW] Icy Penguin - Run and Fly game!-screen1.jpg
    [ADDICTIVE][NEW] Icy Penguin - Run and Fly game!-screen2.jpg
    [ADDICTIVE][NEW] Icy Penguin - Run and Fly game!-screen3.jpg
    [ADDICTIVE][NEW] Icy Penguin - Run and Fly game!-screen4.jpg
    [ADDICTIVE][NEW] Icy Penguin - Run and Fly game!-screen5.jpg

    Play store link

    12-10-2017 12:57 PM
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    Thank you for sharing your app!
    All app threads must have screenshots and a working link to the Google Play Store. In order to post any links and/or images, each member must have a minimum of ten meaningful posts in the non-developer areas of the forums. Examples of meaningful posts are helping users answer questions about their devices and/or software or sharing your experiences with your devices, etc. The intent here is to have new members spend some time with the community and to become a regular, productive member of the community prior to sharing their own work. Self promotion and/or advertising are prohibited - but contributing members who wish to share a project they worked on can do so, within the developer rules. Thanks.
    The Android Central Mod Team
    12-10-2017 01:28 PM

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