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    We are happy to announce our new title Awesome Blocks which is a combination of a match-3 game and falling blocks with additional fantasy elements. Everybody should like it.

    Main features:
    - 13 animated creatures (available to match together),
    - 10 animated special characters,
    - lots of animations and rendered graphics,
    - level of difficulty is rising over time,
    - a lot of sounds and 7 different music backgrounds,
    - achievements, leaderboards and more...

    When you earn enough points you will be able to take a special creature from the armory that will allow you to destroy game fields and thus making the game easier. When the blocks are destroyed the score is increased.

    The blocks will drop faster and faster over time. After a few levels, a new kind of blocks will appear thus making the game harder over time and additionally music background will change after a few levels.

    So, how long do you stay on board? , Will you check it?.

    We hope you will enjoy the game. So start adventure today!

    The game graphics was rendered in Blender 3D. What do you think about the game. I am courious if you like it or not. Let me know

    game on Google Play

    Game intro

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    [Android][Free] Awesome Blocks match 3 SD-screen_fg_match_.png[Android][Free] Awesome Blocks match 3 SD-screen_fg_special_.png[Android][Free] Awesome Blocks match 3 SD-splash.jpg[Android][Free] Awesome Blocks match 3 SD-screenshot_1512055601.png[Android][Free] Awesome Blocks match 3 SD-screen_fg_armory_.png
    12-12-2017 03:53 PM

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