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    Jog A cube

    [GAME][FREE] Jog A cube-5b09687df30d.png

    Game name: Jog A cube
    Genre: 2.5D arcade
    Engine: Unity3d
    Developer: Wings' Might
    Version: v1.1.9 // v1.1.10s (Christmas theme)

    Jog A cube is a fascinating arcade game in which you have to help the cube to escape from the lava with your finger. In the game you must avoid obstacles, collect coins and fly higher! At the levels you have to go through a variety of locations, having to reach the end faster than the lava catch up you. The game has a minimalistic and eye-pleasing graphics, a quick session, simple controls and interesting gameplay. The game is suitable for both casual and hardcore games.

    [GAME][FREE] Jog A cube-16fbf9ccd77d.png

    Two modes: endless and level mode.
    [GAME][FREE] Jog A cube-da3d85eb73a2.png

    ►Collect coins and challenge your friends in endless mode.
    [GAME][FREE] Jog A cube-b0b33acd2fdf.png

    Pass levels for the award and unlock new cubes! In this mode, you will be in completely unique locations. You will have time to visit the desert, freezing in the snow level, getting stuck in the swamp, beat hundreds of glasses and even find yourself in HELL!
    [GAME][FREE] Jog A cube-40d3a7ec61a4.png

    Buy new cubes! Find your unique cube among more than 30 cubes and open them all.
    [GAME][FREE] Jog A cube-7c775f709799.png

    Upgrade your cube and gameplay becomes easier, and the game will be more fun
    [GAME][FREE] Jog A cube-e42c274562da.png

    The controls:
    Hold for lifting the cube and swipe to the right or left to avoid obstacles
    [GAME][FREE] Jog A cube-5696adeffc6f.png[GAME][FREE] Jog A cube-6df0765a8dce.png

    And, as a bonus The app is completely no ads (except rewarded video ads) !

    Download link - https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...Might.JogAcube
    Gameplay trailer -

    Please rate the game and send me that missing this game, it is very important for start-up company.
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    12-16-2017 06:39 AM

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