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    HypSports is Fantasy Sports for Gamers where you get to build your ultimate team by handcrafting your rosters, leveling up your superstars and competing in H2H and Solo events. You begin with a starter pack of players, then collect and craft your way to a multi-sport dynasty. Includes all the top sports (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB) and League of Legends. They are adding soccer/futbol and CS:GO in the future.

    Here's the link:
    Attached Thumbnails (Free) HypSports - Fantasy Sports for Gamers-hypsports_04.jpg   (Free) HypSports - Fantasy Sports for Gamers-21316200_829898943855286_4176033233556644353_o.jpg   (Free) HypSports - Fantasy Sports for Gamers-collections-nhl-release-b.jpg   (Free) HypSports - Fantasy Sports for Gamers-pasted-image-2017_10_04-11_21-am.png   (Free) HypSports - Fantasy Sports for Gamers-screen-shot-2017-11-26-3.28.20-pm-4-.jpg  

    12-18-2017 12:26 PM
  2. guede-91's Avatar
    It looks quite professional. I will share it with my FB friends
    12-19-2017 09:05 AM

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