1. dreamhex's Avatar
    Few weeks ago I had idea for this game. Even I was in a hurry, because of work and school, I still enjoyed it. Today I was kind of in stress (Merry Christmas to me!), because I wanted to finish it so I can focus on my school deadline. Weird thing.. I enjoy that too.

    So no more talking, here is my game, I might not have enought time for cool promo pictures and videos, but I guarantee you, you will have fun. I usually hate my games but I love this one. One thing tho: I don't think everyone will finish it, it's kind of ... challenging.

    TL;DR I would be glad if you try it.


    I'll add one "funny" story:
    I thought there's a bug in my game. Music volume was kind of random. Turned out my hand was covering the speakers
    12-25-2017 05:23 AM
  2. dreamhex's Avatar
    since I had some time I've made this little update. One major change: there are now checkpoints after 3 levels so you have a chance to finish this game )
    Second, I've added few things, most important is camera shake, I don't know why but the game feels so much better now.
    Also: new icon

    Made a short and longer video so you can see what is this game about. I was actually playing and recording in unity editor so dont expect high quality video )

    12-29-2017 05:37 PM

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