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    Hello friends! I'm a young novice developer, please help me test the game. Thank you for attention!

    A fascinating battle of fighting cats caught in a closed city. Stay the last survivor on the island among 100 cats!
    Go to a world where cats confront each other, using the latest weapons.
    Fight to the last bullet, moving between houses!
    As soon as possible, find the weapon! It will increase your chances of winning.
    A powerful shotgun that destroys everything at close and medium distances or an assault rifle that allows you to work at great distances.
    Decide how you will conduct a battle, aggressively attacking opponents in open battle, or arranging ambushes.
    Find the means of protection - bulletproof vests and hard hats.
    They will reduce the damage done by enemies.
    ROYAL Battle: Cats-icon2.png
    ROYAL Battle: Cats-scrin1.jpg
    ROYAL Battle: Cats-scrin2.jpg
    ROYAL Battle: Cats-scrin3.jpg
    ROYAL Battle: Cats-scrin5.jpg
    12-29-2017 10:36 AM
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    Thanks for sharing
    12-29-2017 10:54 AM

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