1. Kyunghun Kang's Avatar
    Hi there~

    I'm indie-developer bbazzi.

    I made easy and fun idle-defense game.

    I wish you will enjoy this game


    TOUCH and IDLE defense game

    Earth conquest is possible for everyone

    Earth Conquest Z

    Get the soul by killing the enemy, and make the zombie stronger with that soul, and conquer the earth.
    Idle it if you want to idle, touch it if you want to touch it.
    Battle of zombies and human. The winner is on your hands!

    ▣ Scenario
    A new species of zombies has appeared on Earth.
    Intelligence is a little lower, but it is called by its strong vitality and infectiousness.
    You are the Zombie King who called legend.
    Lead the stupid zombies to conquer the earth and make them smarter.
    The Earth to be conquered is infinite in this universe.

    ▣ Characteristics of game
    ▷ Clear goal of conquering the earth!
    - You do not have to worry about rebirth!
    ▷ Easy conquering the Earth as it progresses
    - Conquering the planet was the easiest!
    ▷Let's conquer the earth more fast, more far, and more than others.
    ▷ Conquer the Earth automatically with a powerful quest
    - When I woke up, earth is conquered!
    ▷ Gradeup your zombies by Conquest Point that get by conquest earth.
    ▷ Touch the enemy directly to conquer the earth faster
    ▷ Various dungeons that can go to a specific day
    - You know exactly what is odd, even, and prime.
    ▷ Play stage and dungeon to get powerful items
    ▷ Create smarter zombies by getting intelligence
    ▷ Various zombies and human units against them
    ▷ Acquisition of resources according to the ranking of dungeons

    DOWNLOADS : https://play.google.com/store/apps/d....zombieconquer

    Earth Conquest Z is out!-0.jpg

    Earth Conquest Z is out!-1.jpg

    Earth Conquest Z is out!-2.jpg

    Earth Conquest Z is out!-3.jpg

    Earth Conquest Z is out!-4.jpg

    DOWNLOADS : https://play.google.com/store/apps/d....zombieconquer
    01-03-2018 12:03 AM

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