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    Realm Battle: Rival Kingdoms

    Developer: UniMob

    Realm Battle - Android Trailer:

    Kingdom of Arthur was invaded by dark forces and demons. The war breaks out everywhere in the kingdom. Dark magic was separate kingdom into many different lands and dominated by devils.

    Only powerful heroes, the warriors with ancient magicial powers and the best tatics can save the kingdom. The army of kingdom will have to fight the monster, zombie, orc or the devils come from demon kingdom.

    Build your army and make your empire to defend your kingdom from evil attacks. Upgrade your castle before the kingdom sinks into the dark. Are you ready to join the battles in Realm Battle: Rival Kingdoms?

    ▶The best strategy game
    ▶ Upgrade, Defense, and Magic
    ▶ Legendary hero and allied kingdom
    ▶ Battle million other players

    Game Features:

    ★ Epic defense battles with a combination of RPG and strategy game.
    ★ The military system with 100+ different types of enemy and 60 different challenges.
    ★ You control the action! Activate heroes’ skills.
    ★ Command your soldiers and see them engage in hand to hand fantasy cartoon battles!
    ★ Multiple worlds to play with 3 kingdoms and 25 different soldiers from Viking, assassin, archer to demon hunter.
    ★ Over 40 different enemies, from goblins to evil dragon each with their own skills!
    ★ 7 heroes from Human kingdom, Elven kingdom and Element kingdom. Choose your champion to lead your troops to victory!
    ★ Huge variety of enemies offer multiple challenges: Burn your enemy, freeze, stun, poison, slow and more skill from your items to cast in battle.
    ★ PVP mode: Where you can fight with other players around the world

    📲Play Realm Battle now:
    Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d....wars2.kingdom
    IOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/real...cUvbUpU6125516

    01-03-2018 05:04 AM
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    We appreciate your effort to write us a great review. Thank you and please feel free to send more feedbacks!
    08-29-2018 12:04 AM

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