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    Eat and grow! But look out, once you try to eat a bigger fish, you will be the one eaten!
    A fun game for all! Challange friends, or yourself! Play it anywhere!
    Fishy Evolution waits for you!

    Buy skins in the SHOP!

    Pixel art style fun arcade game!

    *Bigger fishes
    *Puffer fishes

    Avoid these dangers, and eat all you can! Reach the goal, and you win!
    Reach the goal a lot, and you will be at the top! Get to the top on the leaderboard!

    Bored of quickplay? Try out mystery mode!
    Gather powers, and make your way easier!

    Endless mode and Mystery mode does not give score, neither gold!

    Gold and shop COMING SOON!
    - fish skins
    - new maps

    Gold can be received already, but it is not shown!

    Fishy Evolution, inspired by the game Fishy!
    Enjoy, have fun!
    Fishy Evolution [Free] [Fun] [Casual]-screenshot_2017-12-05-22-34-48.jpeg
    01-06-2018 02:41 PM

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