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    Always Green

    Always Green, is the simplest, most exciting and most challenging game. You just have to be attentive and be quick with your fingers.

    You just have to meet a goal, always, you must always touch the green key respond quickly to changes if you touch the wrong one the game is over. If you are very slow, the game is over.
    Do you think you are up to the challenge?

    Play google Always Green​
    02-22-2018 12:10 PM
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    New micro-update
    - Better support for android 5.0
    - Small optimization
    - New music
    - New vfx

    Try it on ---> http://bit.ly/Always_Green

    [Free] [Game] Quick reaction in Always Green-botones.jpg
    03-08-2018 04:05 PM
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    New Update + Trailer

    Try it on ---> http://bit.ly/Always_Green
    07-19-2018 07:27 PM

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