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    so im playing the new FF7 on samsung s7 mobile. im in mideel where cload has fallen into the lifestream and is still very confused with tifa by his side.... these are 2 of my main toons so having them out is horrable.... now im sure im ment to talk to them and then weapon comes and attacks and i fight weapon from what i read and remember from last time i played...... now with out this happeneing i dont think i can go to the next quest which is the third huge materia. in the submarine quest. but i either cant do this quest or cant find it.... also with the gold saucer not opening untill cload is back i cant even breed up chocobo. to go allong ubtill thwy update the android version of the game..... anyone have any ideas. on how i could progress. or a trick i can ise to bypass this stage of the game for a while. or even some good side quests i could go on with untill they update.... i love this game
    but im stuck bad.... ive been farming near mideel and have leveled my toons quiet a bit now. and almost have all weapons and materia i want/need.

    even if you know when an update is due would be nice aswell the game is great but not much to do and farming gets boring.
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    02-22-2018 06:08 PM

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