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    We just released a new game "Ghost Squad - Warbots Battle" to the play store, and the story goes like this:

    "The war has started, we did not see it coming. Our enemies sent an army of powerful machines to destroy us. The Warbots have taken possession of many military and industrials zones. As a member of the elite military group, Ghost Squad, your mission is to recover this battle zone. Start fighting, destroy all Warbots or die trying ..."

    Ghost Squad [GAME][FREE]-ghostsquad_1_960x540.jpg

    Here is the link to the Google Play Store, and the game is FREE:


    Take a look and let us know what you think!
    03-04-2018 10:27 AM
  2. chendofs's Avatar
    Check out the video of "Ghost Squad - Warbots Battle" below. Go ahead and download the game, you are going to like!

    03-09-2018 09:26 AM
  3. chendofs's Avatar
    A couple of screen shots of 2 of the 3 guys of the squad, Shreder and Mamba. Give the game a try and let us know what you think.

    Ghost Squad [GAME][FREE]-ghostsquad_2_960x540.jpg

    Ghost Squad [GAME][FREE]-ghostsquad_4_960x540.jpg
    03-16-2018 09:44 AM
  4. chendofs's Avatar
    And here are a couple of screen shots of 2 of the 3 ladies of the squad, Venom and Storm. Try it out and let us know what you think.

    Ghost Squad [GAME][FREE]-ghostsquad_3_960x540.jpg

    Ghost Squad [GAME][FREE]-ghostsquad_5_960x540.jpg
    03-17-2018 12:03 PM
  5. chendofs's Avatar
    Hey we just Ghost Squad is now live at the Amazon Appstore, get it for your Kindle here

    03-19-2018 01:09 AM
  6. cryprowhaat's Avatar
    Love the graphics!
    03-20-2018 07:02 AM
  7. chendofs's Avatar
    Have you seen the Ghost Squad intro video that is in the game? Here it is, take a look. Are you curious ? Come on, give it a try.

    03-23-2018 09:46 AM
  8. chendofs's Avatar
    Here is a cool video of Shreder one of the ghost squad guys. Come on, download the game is FREE and fun!

    03-30-2018 11:04 AM
  9. chendofs's Avatar
    New update bringing more Warbots, the game is getting more challenging. Come on download it, its FREE!

    Ghost Squad [GAME][FREE]-ghostsquad_warbots_960x540.png
    04-06-2018 12:04 PM
  10. M Labady's Avatar
    Aiming is a bit difficult to pull off when playing, but good work
    chendofs likes this.
    04-06-2018 12:47 PM
  11. chendofs's Avatar
    Check this cool video of Venom one of the ghost squad lethal girls. If you have not download it, try it! You will like it.

    04-13-2018 09:39 AM
  12. chendofs's Avatar
    Hey we got some promo codes left for Ghost Squad, you can unlock all squad members, power ups and remove ads. Please use them.

    04-20-2018 09:21 AM
  13. chendofs's Avatar
    Another update to the game and the Warbots army keeps growing. Don't waste time, and give this game a shot!

    Ghost Squad [GAME][FREE]-ghostsquad_warbots_960x540.png
    05-11-2018 09:26 AM
  14. chendofs's Avatar
    Helpful tip, you can change the game view by clicking the button on the left to the Destroy count. Under certain situations this can be helpful to see where the Warborts are, and you can also play it in this view. Check it out!

    Ghost Squad [GAME][FREE]-screenshot-94-.jpg
    05-18-2018 09:49 AM
  15. chendofs's Avatar
    Game Tip: For those who purchased the package to unlock players and power ups, you can find 4 powerups very close to where you start the game and if you move fast enough you can get them before the warbots get to your position, see the screen shot below.

    I hope this gives you an advantage, check it out!

    Ghost Squad [GAME][FREE]-ghostsquad_powerups_960x640.jpg
    05-25-2018 09:50 AM
  16. chayadevi's Avatar
    The Game was very interesting..thanks for sharing link..
    05-29-2018 10:38 AM
  17. wenso smith's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing the link..interesting game..
    05-31-2018 04:53 AM
  18. chendofs's Avatar
    New update and #GhostSquad keeps getting better, try the new Shields! There are also several minor improvements. Let us know what you think!


    Ghost Squad [GAME][FREE]-ghostsquad_6_960x540.jpg
    06-15-2018 09:16 AM
  19. Merhat's Avatar
    Nice art and graphics
    06-24-2018 05:27 AM
  20. chendofs's Avatar
    Game Tip: The Ghost power up will make you invisible to the Warbots for 10 seconds that you can use to escape or destroy them and they will not know what hit them.

    This is the specialty power up of the squad!


    Ghost Squad [GAME][FREE]-ghostsquad_ghostpu.jpg
    07-06-2018 11:17 AM
  21. chendofs's Avatar
    Check out the latest update to Ghost Squad, the Warbots army keeps growing. Download the game and give it a shot!


    Ghost Squad [GAME][FREE]-ghostsquad_warbots.jpg
    08-17-2018 01:25 PM

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