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    Hello Everybody!

    Want to become a real slav? A true fearless bear-fighting gopnik?
    This game ideal to you! Ultimate Slav Simulator 2018 will teach* you how to eat, dress, drink, squat, live and breathe** like a real slav.

    How game work? - you ask.
    Well, Tovarishch, no need to worry - is simple. You race against clock to complete a variety of slav activities - squatting, dancing, helping Babushka, cooking and many more.
    As our slav scientists*** have concluded, this type of gameplay is a perfect way to learn all skills you need in a Slav World****. This same metod is also used in at least 0 schools in Slavia***** - so, you know is good!

    Afraid that your western spy roots might intervene? No problem, Tovarishch!
    This game is meant for everyone! With proper training anyone can become a true gopnik.

    So what you wait? Go, download now! Compete against your friends and become the best slav of them all!

    *game might teach you more or less
    **doesn't apply if you're not currently breathing
    ***in this case "scientist" might not apply to a real scientist
    ****Earth8008s in Multiverse
    *****Slavia might not be a real place


    [FREE][INDIE][SLAV] Ultimate Slav Simulator 2018-screenshot_1520203339.jpg

    [FREE][INDIE][SLAV] Ultimate Slav Simulator 2018-screenshot_1520203443.jpg

    [FREE][INDIE][SLAV] Ultimate Slav Simulator 2018-screenshot_1520203434.jpg

    [FREE][INDIE][SLAV] Ultimate Slav Simulator 2018-screenshot_1520203517.jpg

    Link Here

    Thank You for Your time!
    Attached Thumbnails [FREE][INDIE][SLAV] Ultimate Slav Simulator 2018-screenshot_1520203371.jpg   [FREE][INDIE][SLAV] Ultimate Slav Simulator 2018-babushka20180308.png  
    03-08-2018 01:56 PM

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