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    * Animals, emoji and cute monsters memory game for kids is the classic board game, which helps develop memory skills for children.
    * Playing this animal matching game with your kids will help them improve their recognition while having fun.
    * Kids memory game contains very cute images of animals like chicken, cat, dog, birds, etc., which are on memory cards.
    * Animals memory game is a game for children of all ages, babies, preschoolers, school children and teens. Both, boys and girls will love this game.
    * It has been recently scientifically proven that regular mental and concentration exercise can greatly improve memory of children.

    Initially, you will see all the cards turned face down. Tap on one of the cards and remember the image on it. With the next tap try to find a flip book with the same picture as the previous one. If the images on both memory cards are the same, they will remain open and disappear and you can continue with the next pair. Otherwise, both cards will flip over again and you will get another try. Try to find all matching cards as soon as possible.

    - 6 levels of difficulty (beginner; easy; medium; hard; hardest; master)
    - develops the visual recognition, concentration and motor skills of children
    - funny sounds
    - color HD graphics designed for children
    - Contains beautiful animal images
    - Practical visual exercise
    - Ranking (not available yet)

    * Simple and intuitive, easy to use and playable interface designed for children.
    * Memory game is also optimized for tablets (contains HD images).
    * This free kids memory game will keep kids quiet and entertained in the car, in a restaurant or everywhere.

    Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...m.petraru.kids
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