1. Fess_The_Necromant's Avatar
    Hello guys.

    Today i want to present you a small game, made with unity, that needs your reaction as a main point of this game.

    The goal of this game is to travel as a shiny glass ball as far as you can through a tube, with procedurally generated obsticles.
    The main features:
    1. Procedural level generation
    2. Hardness that increase with the traveled distance
    3. Simple graphics, nothing extra
    4. Leaderboard
    GoogplePlay store: CLICK or

    [Free] TubeRunner-desc.png

    Thank you all in advance
    04-22-2018 05:45 AM
  2. Sergio Alaan's Avatar
    How long did it take to make in unity?
    04-24-2018 09:13 AM
  3. Fess_The_Necromant's Avatar
    Depends on what measurement unit do you take.
    If in hours - i dont know
    In days, where i mean, you spend some evening time after work - week or two.
    The main problems of such games -> graphics. It is almost impossible to concentrate on both parts of development process, if you are a software engineer and not 3d artist.
    And if you want to make it looks like it is not the most crap in the world, you need to think of ideas that do not reqiuire textures, ocllusion maps, normal maps, low poly models and so on, if you don`t want to invest some money in a freelance artist ofcourse.
    So, answering your question:
    Some trivial idea like this requires week or two, including coding, solving problems, testing, and making some meshes in a blender.
    04-24-2018 02:52 PM

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