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    Ready for hundreds of uniquely challenging logic puzzles?

    Plasma Logic Puzzles is one of those pick-up-and-play puzzle games that let you have a restful mental break no matter the time of day.

    Futuristic but with a retro touch, Plasma is a logic puzzle with a very simple gameplay: use your logical reasoning skills to fill a grid with colorful Plasma spheres. As each Plasma connects to others, it makes them change color or even disappear. Match the colors in the model grid at the bottom of the screen and win. It's just that simple to solve, and you can get a glimpse of its gameplay here:

    Main features:
    - Color-based logic puzzle. Plasma features a logical color-based gameplay where you must use colorful spheres to match a given color pattern. Plasma tests your problem-solving skills while allowing you to relax.
    - Multiple game modes. Start with a short tutorial and then advance to tougher game modes: Basic, Advanced, Clean Slate or even the (almost) impossible Mind Blowing level. The Basic level has 100 puzzles; every other level contains 250 challenging puzzles, and the tougher the levels, the more points you gain per puzzle.
    - Minimalist design. Plasma offers a beautiful visual experience while keeping the design simple, allowing you to concentrate on the actual gameplay. Visuals combined with gameplay offer a restful mental break from a hectic day.
    - Undo button. Puzzles start very easy during the tutorial mode, but the difficulty increases as you progress through the levels. Failing to match the given pattern will result in a failed puzzle, but luckily you can revert a bad move.

    Plasma is available for free on Google Play:

    We’re Puzzlemonster Games, an indie game studio that is working on web-based puzzles and games for nearly 20 years. Plasma is based on an online logic puzzle game called Rainbow Box that we created in the mid-2000s. We decided to create an Android version due to the popularity of the web puzzle.
    Attached Thumbnails [FREE] Plasma - Logic Puzzles-2_5.8-inch-galaxy-s8_frameless_screen__1.jpg   [FREE] Plasma - Logic Puzzles-3_5.8-inch-galaxy-s8_frameless_screen__2.jpg   [FREE] Plasma - Logic Puzzles-4_5.8-inch-galaxy-s8_frameless_screen__3.jpg   [FREE] Plasma - Logic Puzzles-5_5.8-inch-galaxy-s8_frameless_screen__4.jpg   [FREE] Plasma - Logic Puzzles-6_5.8-inch-galaxy-s8_frameless_screen__5.jpg  

    [FREE] Plasma - Logic Puzzles-7_5.8-inch-galaxy-s8_frameless_screen__6___a_delete_nexus_10.jpg  
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