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    Hi all, here I present my first platformer game. It is a solo development which took me more than 2 years . With zero knowledge about game development to this, it's the biggest adventure of my life... until know .

    I hate development, writing code is next to nightmare for me. Thanks to UE4 that gave me the power to overcome this nightmare. I have developed this game using Blueprint and have not written a single line of code, need not to be proud about this. At many stages I cursed myself for not knowing how to write code, syntax and blah blah blah, thanks to my developer friends(specially "Kariya" ) for providing me a soulful support and guiding me in this journey.

    All resources that made this game possible are collected over internet (obviously I paid for all ). It's not yet completed, I have released first 10 levels and I am building more. Soon will provide update with new levels, till then I wish support from you by playing my game and providing feedback over the same, for me feedback is really important. Please let me know what you guys really didn't like in this game.

    Monsters of Fruitland.

    Play as Otis, the guardian of magical fruits, the one been fooled by Monsters of Fruitland, enter a land of mystique to take down monsters and restore the fruits. Join Otis in this adventure game, and make sure notorious monsters do not reach out for you. Stamp the monsters, use the magic of fruits, be a fire shooter and witness the wonder jump. Explore challenging journey of a distinct wolf in the land unknown, yet known for darkness and uncertainty.
    [Solo Development] [Free Game] Monsters of Fruitland-screenshort_4.jpg

    [Solo Development] [Free Game] Monsters of Fruitland-screenshort_5.jpg

    Google Play Store, Free Download:- https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...m.gamedope.fng

    For more details:- A Monster Game.
    Facebook page:- https://www.facebook.com/monsteroffruitland/

    Thanks for your time
    - By DevileEye
    05-16-2018 09:57 AM

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