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    Yongzh has released all his emulators for free on the slideme market for 2 weeks to anyone. He plans to continue updates there so spread the word. he also noted n64oid should have some updates very soon. A Sega Saturn emulator is in the works and n64oid is free as well on slideme. Google is banning many emulators from the market so this is the only way you will get them now

    U can google slideme on ur phone and download the app from their site which includes a slideme market place. Then it is just a matter of redownloading his emulators if you already have them. If you do not redownload within 2 weeks slideme will say you need to buy them when an update comes out you want to get. So make sure and download them through the slideme app asap. Then whenever you want to check updates just open that app like the android market app and check for updates by clicking on notifications

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    05-29-2011 04:16 PM
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    Wasn't his snes emulator a copy of open source code that he sold? No other emulators are banned from market. Snes 9x is the app claiming to have been stolen from.
    05-31-2011 08:51 AM