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    Hey guys, I’m Marc, a game designer from Gameka. My team is working on a project called Spell Master, an endless typing game.

    Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Gameka.SpellMaster

    We’ll love to hear more from you guys! So, drop us a message here!

    [FREE GAME] [NEW GAME] Spell Master: Word Adventure (by Gameka)-feature-graphic.jpg


    Spell Master typing adventure awaits!

    A wizard sets off to fight evil through electrifying word spelling mastery!

    Ever felt those typing games, word scrabbles and spelling bees lacked just that little bit of spark? In Spell Master, become the maestro of typing and master the art of spelling!

    Step into the shoes of the travelling wizard as he uses words of power to zap his way through all evil!

    How To Play

    Simply type the words you see under monsters to vanquish them!
    Build high scores through multipliers and combos to get all 5 stars for a level!

    Why DO Words have Power?

    Thunderously Simple, Explosively Fun!
    Letters and words become your weapons against the monsters! Alphabets become part of your arsenal!

    Educational Lightning!
    Stimulate your mind as you flex your spelling powers to type out every word of power necessary to vanquish your foes!

    Typing Made Fun!
    Learn to type accurately and have fun at the same time! Over 20,000 words to play with, you won’t need a dictionary after playing Spell Master!

    Collect and Cast Amazing Master Spells!
    Stop time, shoot fireballs! Use the skills at your disposal to compete with other players around the world!

    Pure, Endless Fun!
    No registration, no complicated rules. Just start playing and have fun! Did we mention it’s FREE?

    Fun for Everyone!
    Kids and adults can both enjoy Spell Master!

    Compete Against Everybody!
    You can compete against each other in the global leaderboard for the high score!


    [FREE GAME] [NEW GAME] Spell Master: Word Adventure (by Gameka)-webp.net-resizeimage-1-.jpg [FREE GAME] [NEW GAME] Spell Master: Word Adventure (by Gameka)-webp.net-resizeimage-2-.jpg

    [FREE GAME] [NEW GAME] Spell Master: Word Adventure (by Gameka)-webp.net-resizeimage-3-.jpg [FREE GAME] [NEW GAME] Spell Master: Word Adventure (by Gameka)-webp.net-resizeimage.jpg

    The game is now open for beta testing. So please leave some feedback on how we can improve on the game. If you like the game, please share and like it on the respective stores. Or you can email us at smsupport@gameka.my or do leave your comment here.

    Thank You!
    06-26-2018 01:31 AM

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