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    Hello, my name is Juan Jesús and I am writing from Spain.

    I would like to share with you an android game that I created: it is a quiz game based on an old TV show. It is a game of online games, short and easy to use.

    Just challenge someone, starting a new online match against a friend or a random opponent. Every match has 4 rounds, and each round has 16 answers, 10 right and 6 wrong. Tap all correct answer you know and pass the turn to your opponent.

    Test your skills, knowledge and strategy. Unlock the achievements and be the number one in the world ranking!

    This game is and will be absolutely free, no in app purchases, no intrusive advertisements and no surprises.

    We value your feedback, so if you have something to share, then an email us at hola.altovoltaje@gmail.com . If you’re enjoying the game, please leave us a rating and a review.


    [ANDROID FREE GAME] Hight Voltage: Quiz Challenge-portada4.jpg
    07-20-2018 03:34 AM

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