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    Inverser - the game for the cheerful company!

    The game is very simple. To play you need only your phone. You may not even have an ear for music.

    The gameplay follows:
    1. The first player records an extract from the song.
    2. The program inverses and divides it into parts.
    3. The second player records the fragments of the inversed song.
    4. Program sticks together the recorded fragments and inverses the resulting record.
    5. The second player guesses the inversed record.

    The game Inverser is like the game inReverse for the iPhone.

    The program is optimized for the following resolutions: 320x240, 480x320, 800x480, 854x480.
    AppsToSD function is available (for 2.2 and older).

    For more information about the game Inverser please visit our site.

    Limitations of the lite version:
    1. Maximum record length - 15 seconds.
    2. One segment length - 5 seconds.
    3. Settings are locked.
    4. The application has ads.

    The free and paid version without limitations available at Android Market.

    06-08-2011 08:56 AM
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    This open source or pay game
    There are free and pay games.
    06-10-2011 09:01 AM

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