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    Hot new android hit - Frontier Defence

    In it, you live in a land of mythic creatures and you are under attack.
    You must be a hero and defend your land with different towers.
    You have the choice to build a cannon tower, a spear tower, a magic tower,
    or the legendary ultima tower.

    Use the whole arsenal to protect your homeland against the horde of monsters.
    The tactics you employ will decide your fate.

    You must try to evade the monsters or you will loose your life.

    You can only build on fields with trees.

    Move the worker to the favored tree and press the red action button. Now you
    can build, upgrade or sell a tower.

    Don't forget to collect the gold which is dropped by your foes.

    The most effective time to build is when the game is paused.


    # Take a look at the ingame tower tutorial before you play Frontier
    Defence the first time.

    # Spear Towers are super versatile and building 3 of them right off the bat is
    a sure fire way to destroy everything early on in the first map.

    - Over 50 hours of playtime

    - Detailed in-game manual

    - Cool graphics

    - Interactive gameplay (the monster drops gold and gems. collect it with your hero).

    - 4 different difficulty level. Easy, medium, normal and hell!

    Full version for only $0,99:


    Only for a short time. Normal price: $2,99.
    06-14-2011 12:28 PM