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    * This is the time spent for the benefit of your mind and loved by many people kind of rest.
    * The well-known fact about the beneficial effect of intellectual games on the development of general erudition is confirmed by studies of famous scientists, psychologists, pedagogues and sociologists.
    * It is a great way for relaxation in combination with a slight excitement quietly relieves daily stress.
    * Convenience of mobile applications makes it possible to start the game in any situation and at any time.

    Sudoku X is not only a beautiful modern interface, but also a convenient and simple navigation, large numbers, the ability to customize the playing field and the background screen to nice looking color.

    Sudoku X has not only the classic Sudoku option, but also “X mode”, which makes possible the diagonal play.

    In the Sudoku X is also presented a random game, which makes it possible to play in random generated level.

    Your success and achievements will be displayed in the synthesis ratings among all users of Sudoku X, thus you will be able to see achievements of other players and new tops of your skill.
    Invite friends to the game - Win !!!

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    02-07-2019 01:41 AM

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